Sustainability managers deal with many issues affecting the environment, especially e-waste. E-waste is an environmental concern because toxic materials can potentially seep into our air, water, and food supplies and cause public harm. Many Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Enterprises, and Governments have implemented robust sustainability programs. Though these programs include certified recycling firms to mitigate the problem, hazardous materials still end up in the wrong places. Company’s connected to these materials often experience negative brand exposure.

What if sustainability managers can enhance their present programs with a smart connected service that improves e-waste transport visibility and quantify e-sustainability initiatives with visualization of real-time analytics? Then they will be able to protect against negative brand exposure, ensure e-waste transport to proper locations, satisfy certification and customer requirements and avoid issues from Government regulators. This can be achieved with the Green Tracking Service (GTS)!

Sustainability managers can subscribe to the Green Tracking Service to assist them to proactively and securely monitor their recycling chains to ensure proper e-waste recycling that protects their brand reputation. GTS uses state of the art recyclable sensors, a secure cloud Internet of Things (IoT) platform with Machine Learning capabilities to provide visualization of real-time analysis, at-a-glance, that can be viewed with any online device.

How it works

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